About Our Agency

Jay P. Stoetzer has provided property and casualty insurance to numerous satisfied customers for over 35 years. He is a member of The Kansas Association of Insurance Agents, Gladstone MO Chamber of Commerce, Liberty MO Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Association of Missouri Agents and the Missouri Restaurant Association. He is also a graduate of the Life Underwriter Training Council, and he is licensed to provide insurance in both Kansas and Missouri.

Our Commitment

From day one we have led the Health and Life industry by basing our business on the commitment to our clients and prospects by:

Promptly responding
Listening to their specific needs
Focusing on personalization
Having the best Customer Service

Our Mission

To provide First Class Customer Service and First Class Insurance Protection. To work with each customer personally so that customer expectations are exceeded, not just met. To measure performance only by the best outcomes that clients have experienced, not just average. To earn customer loyalty and trust every day, not just at renewal time. And to ensure that the customer encounters a professional experience that is deserving of repeat business and recommendations. The various insurance companies and programs offered through Jay P. Stoetzer are selected based on their attitude towards service and protection. Jay P. Stoetzer is committed to providing First Class Customer Service and First Class Insurance Protection in order to achieve the highest reward -- your continued business.